GB1228; studs; square head bolts; strength bolts; inner hex head bolts;
teeth; screw; bolt; U-bolts; 2H nuts; within the hexagonal bolts;
ball screw; Din912; stainless steel teeth

is specialized in manufacturing stud bolts, threaded rods, bolts and nuts.

China Ningbo Taida Fastener Manufacture CO., specialized in manufacturing stud bolts, threaded 

rods, bolts and nuts. The standards include DIN931/DIN933/DIN558 and ASTM A325 hexagon head bolts,

 DIN934, DIN6923, DIN985 and ASTM A 194 2H nut . DIN960,DIN961,DIN6914,DIN7990,DIN7991,

DIN912, DIN7985 screws and DIN975, DIN976,ASTM A 193 B7 threaded rods, as well as other AS, 

Wind power bolt
Stainless steel stud
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Wind foundation anchor bo…
Wind foundation anchor bo…
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Wind foundation anchor bo…
Flange connection bolts
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